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www.cmaf.ru – Central Museum of the Armed Forces
www.lgpp.petrobrigada.ru – Group of military-historical reconstruction of the “Life Guards Preobrazhensky Regiment”
www.lappeenranta.fi/museot – The South Karelian Museum. Lappeenranta, Finland
www.visitcastles.eu – Association of castles and museums around the Baltic Sea
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www.museum.ru – Museums of Russia
www.artnight.ru – “The Night of Museums” – an annual event dedicated to the International Day of Museums
www.museum12345.ru – Festival: “Children’s days in St. Petersburg”
www.alpyelkov.livejournal.com – Alpine magazine (Travels in time and space)

Board of Trustees of the State Memorial Museum of Alexander Suvorov

Lyubov Pavlovna SOVERSHAYEVA (Chairperson) – Deputy of the Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-Western Federal District Rector of the St. Petersburg State University.

Nikolay Mikhailovich KROPACHEV (Vice-Chairperson) – Rector of the St. Petersburg State University.

Lyudmila Vasilyevna. Kuleshova (Secretary) – Judge in retirement, State Counselor of the III class.

Boris Borisovich VAKHRUSHEV – Vice-president of the “Otkritiye” bank.

Alexander Pavlovich VERSHININ – Chief Executive Officer of the Presidential Library named after B.N. Yeltsin.

Vitaly Yurievich VOLKOV – Director of GTRK “St. Petersburg”.

Vladimir Gennadievich GRONSKY – Director of the State memorial museum of Alexander Suvorov.

Oleg Vitalievich EREMEEV – Member of the Federation Council of the Federal Assembly.

Vladimir Nikolaevich NUZHDIN – Artist, multiple winner of international competitions.

Alexander Sergeevich TURGAEV – Rector of the St. Petersburg State Institute of Culture.

Saint-Petersburg club of military-historical miniature fans (LVIM)

191015, St. Petersburg, ul. Kirochnaya, 43, the museum of Alexander Suvorov – LVIM Club provides collectors of historical miniatures (tin and non-tin figures) with regular communication during meetings, finding new acquaintances with the same interests, consultations & information exchange, and participation in club exhibitions and shows.

For out-of-town fans, the LVIM Club can help to establish points of contact with St. Petersburg colleagues with similar interests, as well as consultations on certain issues (by agreement with Club members).

Anyone who is a member of the LVM Club can make a report or give a presentation: on military history, on the technology of figurine production, on the methods of collecting, on the rules of playing soldiers, on the results of their military historical reconstruction of gear and weapons. A member of the Club can present his works of authorship (figurines, drawings) or his collections for evaluation and consultation by specialists, or for reviews by the LVIM Club. Members can also buy magazines, books and almanacs at discounted prices, or get information about the where and at what price the new military history books (magazines) are sold.

Meetings of the Club are held once a month from September to June on Fridays, usually in the second half of the month. Once a year in May or June, the author’s works and new objects in the members’ collections of the club are reviewed. There are no restrictions on age or profession to participate in the Club. Formally, membership in the Club is not officially registered. You can come to meetings at any time from 18.00 to 20.00. Meetings are open to all wishing to participate. Information about the dates and venues of the meetings can be obtained from the Club’s chairman, Vitaly Kotelnikov, by calling 714-61-81 in the evening time.

Suvorov Museums of the World

Suvorov Museums of Russia

State Memorial Museum of Alexander Suvorov
191015, St. Petersburg, Kirochnaya Str., 43.
Tel. 579-39-14 – information and excursions booking.
e-mail: suvorovmuseum@mail.ru
Fax (812) 274-28-50.

Museum-Estate of Alexander Suvorov in the Konchanskoe-Suvorov village
174435, Novgorod Region, Borovichi District, Konchanskoe-Suvorovo Village.
Tel. (81664) 98-544

Suvorov museums of the CIS countries

Izmail Museum of Alexander Suvorov
68600, Ukraine, Odessa region, Izmail city, Pushkin Str., 37.
Phones: (04841) 2-21-25, 2-26-80.

Kobrin Military History Museum Named after Alexander Suvorov
225860, Republic of Belarus, Kobrin, Suvorov Str., 16.
Tel. (01642) 2-37-94, 2-59-11.

Ochakovsky Military History Museum. Named after Alexander Suvorov
39240, Ukraine, Ochakov, Lenina Str., 11.
Tel. (05154) 2-21-01

Museum of Alexander Suvorov (Timanovka village)
288310, Ukraine, Vinnytsia region, Tulchinsky district, the village of Timanivka.
Tel. (04335) 5-53-47, 5-54-47.

Suvorov Museums Abroad

Suworow museum Walter Gahler
Bahnhofstrasse 1, Linthal, Glarus Sud, Switzerland (Switzerland).