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Dedicated to Rossini

On December 13, the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra conducted by the artistic director, chief conductor - People's Artist of Russia Sergei Stadler, presented an unforgettable concert dedicated to Rossini's 225th birthday on museum’s premises. New performances in the Suvorov museum by the orchestra are planned in 2018.

Photo by A.Mitelev

Cooperation continues

On November 16, within the framework of the VI St. Petersburg International Cultural Forum, cooperation agreements were signed between the Suvorov Museum, the museum-exhibition complex "Switzerland in Miniature" (Canton Ticino) and the Cultural Foundation "Children of the World" named after I. Kodry. Last May the Cultural Foundation supported the youth Russian national Suvorov graphic arts contest with Russian and Swiss participants, held in the Swiss city of Melide.

One of the planned projects in 2018 is an exhibition dedicated to the Suvorov Alpine Crest and its erector Prince S.M. Golitsin due to the 120th anniversary of the monument opening in the Alps. Another successful joint venture of the Russian and Swiss museums is the September-October exhibition: "Alexander Suvorov - a man of peace in 1799," dedicated to the 218th anniversary of the Swiss campaign, which was held in the Swissminiatur complex in the town of Bellinzona.
The museum-exhibition complex "Switzerland in miniature" (Swissminiatur) has many visitors. The enthusiasm of its director Dominic Vinier about the Russian history, and especially the Alpine campaign of Alexander Suvorov, literally catches the eye: there are three models of monuments associated with the name of the Generalissimo.

Important meeting in the museum

Y. Vorobyov: The Russian-Swiss Suvorov Center can become a new platform for contacts between the representatives of the two countries. The co-chairs of the Russian-Swiss parliamentary friendship group discussed the possibility of the Suvorov Center development.

Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, co-chairman of the Council of Federation of co-operation group with the Council of Cantons of the Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation, Yuri Vorobyov, held a meeting with the member of the Council of the Cantons of Switzerland, the co-chairman of the Swiss-Russian friendship group of the Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation, Filippo Lombardi. The event, which was held "on the sidelines" of the 137th IPU Assembly was attended by the Director of the State Memorial Museum of Alexander Suvorov, Vladimir Gronsky.

The main focus of the meeting was the establishment of the Suvorov Center in Switzerland. According to Yury Vorobyov: "The Suvorov Center can become a new platform for communication not only among scientists, artists, business representatives, and ordinary citizens, but also between politicians."

The senator mentioned that a number of organizational, legal and financial issues are to be resolved to implement this idea. According to Filippo Lombardi, in the future cooperation between Switzerland and Russia will be developing in a positive way, and the common pages of history, such as the crossing of the Russian army of the Alps in 1799 under the command of Alexander Suvorov, will be remembered and honored in both countries. At the same time, the Swiss legislator noted that such center will help to instil the spirit of tolerance, love of history, and aspiration to achieve noble goals among young population. During the conversation, the parties also discussed the organizational and legal form of the potential center, and the possibility of attracting the regions, such as the Krasnodar Territory, St. Petersburg, the Swiss canton Ticino, as well as various other state institutions, private sponsors, and philanthropists from the Russian and Swiss sides to finance the development of the center.

Descendants of Napoleonic marshals

The descendants of the Napoleonic marshals visited St. Petersburg. Among the group from France - historians, scientists, members of the society of Napoleon memory. Despite the fact that their ancestors Louis Nikola Davout and Joachim Murat were opponents of the Russian army, the first place that descendants wanted to visit in the Northern capital was the Suvorov museum.

A special excursion was held for such eminent guests, which was focused on events highlighting the Frenchman. And since Suvorov did not know defeats, they were naturally his successes, including the victory over army of Napoleon.

- It’s our first time in St. Petersburg, - said the trip organizer, chief editor of the French military history magazine Tradicion (Tradition), Natalie Griffon de Plainville. - We want to see everything in St. Petersburg that is related to the era of Napoleon.

The delegation consisted of the descendants of the two Napoleon’s marshals: Joachim Murat and Louis Nicholas Davout. By the way, Davout’s marshal wand became a trophy of the Russian army in November 1812, when his convoy was captured by the Life Guards Regiment of Finland.

Stradivarius violin under the arches of the museum

On May 19, under the arches of the museum, sounded the Stradivari's violin that was once owned by the Imperial Romanov House. Such a gift to visitors and museum staff was presented by "Our New Times Foundation" (Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart) that organized the performance of a young talented violinist Peter Lundstrem.


Exhibition kicks off the festival

On March 15 in the hall of painting and drawing, the exhibition of children's drawings "Miracle Bogatyri" kicked off the IV Russian Suvorov patriotic art festival.
Drawing contest, organized by the State Memorial Museum of Alexander Suvorov and St. Petersburg State University has been held since 2011. Nearly 200 works (drawings and essays on the Russian military history) from St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Tver, Kazan, Vladikavkaz, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Ussuriysk, Kyzyl, DNR, and Switzerland were submitted to the jury. The winners of the fourth contest were congratulated by the head of the Cultural Foundation "Children of the World" named after I. Kodry Maria Pacolli that supported the youth Russian national Suvorov graphic arts contest with Russian and Swiss participants, held last May in the Swiss city of Melide.
Photo by Valeriya Suyevalova

Suvorov banner on the Field of Mars

On Alexander Suvorov’s birthday, November 24, the final stage of the contest "Suvorov Banner" was held on the Field of Mars, which determined the best cadets, not only in combat training, but also in history knowledge and essay writing.
This year, Saint Petersburg Suvorov military schools of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps, the Cadet Fire and Rescue Corps, and several cadet schools took part in the competition. The jury recognized the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation as the best Suvorov school, which now owns the Suvorov banner for the next year. Cadet Schools’ staff, officers, and veterans of wars congratulated the winners and all participants. “Suvorovtsy,” cadets and military schools’ students - future defenders of the Fatherland - marched solemnly along the Field of Mars and laid flowers to the monument of the commander on Suvorov Square…
The contest was organized by the State Memorial Museum of Alexander Suvorov, the Council of: the Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Russian Federation, and full cavaliers of the Order of Glory of St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, the St. Petersburg Suvorov Military School of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.
Photo by Valeriya Suyevalova

To the glory of Russian weapons

The crown of the 3rd Russian Suvorov Patriotic Art Festival on October 26 was the solemn ceremony "Let Russia glorify!" that took place in the Tauride Palace. This year it was dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the Ismail fortress capture by the Russian troops. The ceremony was a dramatized production based on the chronicle of G.R. Derzhavin, who in detail described the 200 years old celebration.
The visitors were greeted by the Deputy Plenipotentiary Representative of the President of the Russian Federation in the North-West Federal District, Lyubov Pavlovna Sovershaeva and Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg, Sergey Nikolaevich Movchan. About 700 guests - representatives of the authorities, culture and education; officers, cadets, and suvorovtsy - plunged into the atmosphere of the grand "stunning spectacle" in the Dome and Catherine Halls, stylized in the spirit of aesthetic traditions of the XVIII century.
The ceremony was attended by the performers and collectives, laureates of the contest of III Suvorov Patriotic Festival of Arts: State Ensemble of Song and Dance of the Republic of Tatarstan; soloists of the opera and ballet of St. Petersburg musical theaters, orchestras; and young talents - children and youth art collectives of St. Petersburg. At the end of the event, the choir and orchestra performed the cantata "Let Russia Glorify!" (The author is the laureate of the Shostakovich's Union of Composers of Russia Award, N. M. Shabalin).
Photo by Valeriya Suyevalova

Return of the Golden Eagle

On October 10, the solemn ceremony of the restored facade delivery took place on a platform in front of the museum. The culmination of the program was the consecration and installation of the two-headed eagle - a symbol of the Russian statehood - on the central tower.
The chairman of Committee of Culture, K. E. Sukhenko, chairman of the Committee of Monuments Protection, S.V. Makarov, Chairman of the Committee of Tourism Development, A.E. Mushkarev, cultural figures, and journalists took part in the celebrations.
Additionally, an exhibition dedicated to the history and continuation of the facade restoration was opened within the framework of the ceremony.
Photo by Valeriya Suyevalova and Igor Larin

Remember and Honor

Switzerland hosted a number of celelbartions dedicated to the 217th anniversary of the heroic crossing of Alexander Suvorov’s army through the Alps.
In the framework of celebrations, the municipality of Lugano opened an exhibition of photographs of Suvorov troops’ campaign places from the "Suvorov collection" of V. P. Engelhardt that were taken at the end of the ХIХ century, and which are permanently stored in the funds of the Suvorov Museum. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Geneva, Alexander Golovin, Mayor of Lugano, Marco Boradori, Senator Filippo Lombardi, and Suvorov Museum Director Vladimir Gronsky gave speeches at the opening ceremony.
The festivities at the “Square of the Suvorovtsev” of the Moscow Military Music School highlighted the celebrations even further.
Photo by Valeriya Suyevalova

The Reborn of Canvas

On September 7, in the hall of Henry II of the Stieglitz Academy, five paintings, restored by students under the guidance of experienced teachers, were transferred to the Suvorov museum.
The ceremony was attended by the rector of the Academy, Vasily Kichedzhi, the director of the Suvorov Museum, Vladimir Gronsky, the curator of the project - professor of the department of painting and restoration, Tatyana Pocelueva, critic - highest category restorer of the State Hermitage, Alexei Nikolsky, as well as 2016 graduates of the Academy who completed the restoration work, students, and teachers.
The restoration of five paintings was completed during the course of one thesis year: from September 2015 to May 2016. The director of the museum, Vladimir Gronsky, highly appreciates the professionalism of students, which made it possible to restore the paintings to their pristine appearance according to the artists’ concepts. During the meeting, the attendees discussed plans for new joint projects.
Photo by Valeriya Suyevalova

Suvorov Commandments

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