A Book’s Name Day

Age category: 6-12 years. The hosts of a fun celebration Magister of Reading and his friends will hold humorous literary contests and fun games. They will introduce the children to the publishing business, and children will become employees of the publishing house “I myself.” They will publish their own books. Intended for groups up to 50 children. Duration: 1 hour 10 minutes.

The game: “In the World of Fairy Tales and Stories”

Age category: 6-12 years. The audience will get acquainted with the stories about Suvorochka, the daughter of the commander (according to N. Kalma’s book: “Russian girls”). Throughout the performance children will learn about the different literary genres, participante in creative competitions, take part in the fairy tale “Ryab’s Chicken” production, and demonstrate their knowledge of the literary works in small contests and quizzes. Artists from the St. Petersburg theatres are […]

“Suvorochka” Play

Age categories: 6-12 years. The play “Suvorochka” consists of theatrical pictures from the childhood of Natalia Suvorova, beloved daughter of the great commander. Little viewers will learn how she lived at the Smolny Institute, what games she played, how and what she learned, and why she grew up to be so kind, honest, fair, and passionately loving her Fatherland. Intended for groups up to 50 children. Duration: 35 minutes.

“The Real Suvorov Soldier” Play

Age categories: 7-12 years. The heroes of the “Stories about Suvorov and Russian Soldiers” by Sergei Alexeev will come to life in front of the audience. Guys and girls will learn the secret of Suvorov’s victories and the kind of a real warrior that Suvorov was. They will see the main aspects of Suvorov’s life as the miracle-hero: difficult and funny, ordinary and heroic. Artists from the St. Petersburg theatres […]

Game session: “Help the Military Warrior”

Age categories: 5-6, 7-8 years. Guys and girls will try to become Suvorov’s miracle-heroes. To do this they will put on the hats and cloaks of soldiers of that time, hold the ancient guns, solve riddles, find the most interesting ehibits of the museum, hear their short stories, and will be part of regimental doctrine. Intended for groups of 15 children. Duration: 30-45 minutes.

A game session: “Eyesight, Speed, Onslaught!” (Tactics of the XVIII century, Playing soldiers)

Age categories: any, starting with the secondary school age. The first part of the lesson introduces the stories of the tin miniatures, the organization, the armament, and the tactics of the European armies of the 18th and early 19th centuries. The second part of the lesson consist of a game with soldiers. Visitors put themselves in armies or regiments commanders’ shoes and, depending on the chosen tactics, win or lose […]

Game session “Shoot Rarely, but Accurately. Stab Strong with the Bayonet!” (Arms and equipment of armies of the XVIII century)

Age categories: any, starting with the secondary school age. This session does not duplicate other excursions; it is devoted to the European armies of the Suvorov era. A visual demonstration of weapons models and uniforms of the Russian army, and taking part in a simulated combat training allows one to imagine the service of a soldier in the XVIII century. Duration: 60-75 minutes.