The book collection started to accumulate with the Russian and foreign editions about A.V. Suvorov, bought by the well-known historian and collector Vasilii Pavlovich Engelhardt (1828-1915) during his journey along the route of Suvorov’s troops in Switzerland. The book collection was transferred to the museum fund in 1899. The documents and books donated to the museum by Emperor Nicholas the II are of exceptional value.

The first librarian of the museum was an employee of the Academy of the General Staff, Sergei Dmitrievich Maslovsky (1876 – 1943), literary pseudonym – Mstislavsky. According to the decision of the Suvorov Commission in 1901, he compiled and published the “Inventory of monuments and objects in the temporary premises of the Suvorov Museum under the Nikolaev Academy of the General Staff.” This “Inventory” is the first guide of the museum.

In 1912, S. D. Maslovsky wrote and published an article about Alexander Suvorov in the “Russian Biographical Dictionary.” The value of the article is that it is supplemented by extensive Russian and foreign bibliographic sources.

The scientific library stores and collects historically valuable funds. Nowadays this structural unit of the museum is of the interest not only for specialists engaged in the history of military art, but also for professionals of a broad humanitarian profile. Currently, the library’s collection has more than 25,000 items, including more than 10,000 rare editions. The library fund is a specialized independent part of the museum fund. The most extensive part of the library is the Suvorov section. The library is closely connected with the scientific pursuits of the museum. Its potential is used in research preparation, educational programs, and informational projects.

The library’s fund is represented by the unique encyclopedias, reference books, dictionaries, and scientific collections on Russian and foreign military history, uniform, and weapons science. The Russian history section should be especially noted. This section of the collection is distinguished by a variety and thorough selection of publications, including the periodic ones.

The library’s collection includes more than 250 book collections, among which are the rarities from the libraries of the imperial family and the Russian nobility: Emperor Nicholas II, Grand Dukes Alexander Mikhailovich, Georgy Mikhailovich, Sergey Alexandrovich, Mikhail Alexandrovich, princes A. B. Lobanov-Rostovsky and E. Lvov, Count A. Apraksin, Sheremetev family. There are many book rarities within these publications that were later seized from the circulation by the censorship.

The rare editions about the great commander of the well-known collectors A. I. Lyubimov, M. V. Lyushkovsky, V. N. Gruzanov, Russian historians M. I. Bogdanovich, I. E. Zabelin, and the book publisher A. S. Suvorin enhanced and replenished the library fund. These rare editions are of the great interest to scientist; many of the books possess bibliographic rarity due to small printing and pre-planned destinations in certain libraries, including the courtiers, libraries of regimental museums, and military schools.