To the glory of Russian weapons

The crown of the 3rd Russian Suvorov Patriotic Art Festival on October 26 was the solemn ceremony “Let Russia glorify!” that took place in the Tauride Palace. This year it was dedicated to the 225th anniversary of the Ismail fortress capture by the Russian troops. The ceremony was a dramatized production based on the chronicle of G.R. Derzhavin, who in detail described the 200 years old celebration. The visitors were […]

Return of the Golden Eagle

On October 10, the solemn ceremony of the restored facade delivery took place on a platform in front of the museum. The culmination of the program was the consecration and installation of the two-headed eagle – a symbol of the Russian statehood – on the central tower. The chairman of Committee of Culture, K. E. Sukhenko, chairman of the Committee of Monuments Protection, S.V. Makarov, Chairman of the Committee of […]

Remember and Honor

Switzerland hosted a number of celelbartions dedicated to the 217th anniversary of the heroic crossing of Alexander Suvorov’s army through the Alps. In the framework of celebrations, the municipality of Lugano opened an exhibition of photographs of Suvorov troops’ campaign places from the “Suvorov collection” of V. P. Engelhardt that were taken at the end of the ХIХ century, and which are permanently stored in the funds of the Suvorov […]

The Reborn of Canvas

On September 7, in the hall of Henry II of the Stieglitz Academy, five paintings, restored by students under the guidance of experienced teachers, were transferred to the Suvorov museum. The ceremony was attended by the rector of the Academy, Vasily Kichedzhi, the director of the Suvorov Museum, Vladimir Gronsky, the curator of the project – professor of the department of painting and restoration, Tatyana Pocelueva, critic – highest category […]