Dedicated to Rossini

On December 13, the St. Petersburg Symphony Orchestra conducted by the artistic director, chief conductor – People’s Artist of Russia Sergei Stadler, presented an unforgettable concert dedicated to Rossini’s 225th birthday on museum’s premises. New performances in the Suvorov museum by the orchestra are planned in 2018. Photo by A.Mitelev

Cooperation continues

Am 16. November wurden im Rahmen des VI. internationalen Kulturforums in Sankt-Petersburg wurden Verträge über die Zusammenarbeit des Suvorov-Museum und des Museums- und Ausstellungskomplexes “Schweiz in Miniatur” (Ticino Kanton) und dem I. Kodra Kulturfonds “Kinder der Welt”, der die Ausstellung der Grafik der jungen Teilnehmen des Russischen Suvorov-Wettbewerbs neben den Arbeiten der schweizerischen Kinder in der schweizerischen Melide im Mai des Vorjahrs unterstützt hatte. Ein der für 2018 geplanten Projekte […]

Important meeting in the museum

Y. Vorobyov: The Russian-Swiss Suvorov Center can become a new platform for contacts between the representatives of the two countries. The co-chairs of the Russian-Swiss parliamentary friendship group discussed the possibility of the Suvorov Center development. Deputy Chairman of the Federation Council, co-chairman of the Council of Federation of co-operation group with the Council of Cantons of the Federal Assembly of the Swiss Confederation, Yuri Vorobyov, held a meeting with […]

Descendants of Napoleonic marshals

The descendants of the Napoleonic marshals visited St. Petersburg. Among the group from France – historians, scientists, members of the society of Napoleon memory. Despite the fact that their ancestors Louis Nikola Davout and Joachim Murat were opponents of the Russian army, the first place that descendants wanted to visit in the Northern capital was the Suvorov museum. A special excursion was held for such eminent guests, which was focused […]

Stradivarius violin under the arches of the museum

On May 19, under the arches of the museum, sounded the Stradivari’s violin that was once owned by the Imperial Romanov House. Such a gift to visitors and museum staff was presented by “Our New Times Foundation” (Baden-Württemberg, Stuttgart) that organized the performance of a young talented violinist Peter Lundstrem.

Exhibition kicks off the festival

On March 15 in the hall of painting and drawing, the exhibition of children’s drawings “Miracle Bogatyri” kicked off the IV Russian Suvorov patriotic art festival. Drawing contest, organized by the State Memorial Museum of Alexander Suvorov and St. Petersburg State University has been held since 2011. Nearly 200 works (drawings and essays on the Russian military history) from St. Petersburg, Leningrad region, Tver, Kazan, Vladikavkaz, Yekaterinburg, Tyumen, Ussuriysk, Kyzyl, […]

Suvorov banner on the Field of Mars

On Alexander Suvorov’s birthday, November 24, the final stage of the contest “Suvorov Banner” was held on the Field of Mars, which determined the best cadets, not only in combat training, but also in history knowledge and essay writing. This year, Saint Petersburg Suvorov military schools of the Ministry of Defense and the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the St. Petersburg Cadet Corps, the Cadet Fire and Rescue Corps, and several […]