The Immortal Orchestra

January 27 is the day of the blockade end of Leningrad. At 14.30 the museum will hold a wind music concert.
Together with the State Brass Band of Russia, the State Horn Orchestra of Russia will be performing – a unique St. Petersburg collaboration.
The implementation of the project “IMMORTAL ORCHESTRA” (the winner of the contest of the Foundation for Presidential Grants) began on December 1, 2017. The aim of the project is to not only develop musical culture, but also to preserve the memory of artists of the State Brass Band of the USSR. GDO of the USSR, which almost became the most popular musical collective of the prewar period was created in 1937. The peaceful triumph was interrupted by the war. Musicians went to the front as volunteers as part of the People’s Militia and died in the autumn of 1941, defending Moscow, in the fiery cauldron of Vyazma. The project is not only dedicated to the USSR GDO, but also to all musicians who died on the battlefields or performing their military duties, including the composer and conductor, the president of the “Spirit Society” of the country, the leader of the Alexandrov ensemble – Valery Khalilov. The entrance to the concert is free.