Remember and Honor

Switzerland hosted a number of celelbartions dedicated to the 217th anniversary of the heroic crossing of Alexander Suvorov’s army through the Alps.

In the framework of celebrations, the municipality of Lugano opened an exhibition of photographs of Suvorov troops’ campaign places from the “Suvorov collection” of V. P. Engelhardt that were taken at the end of the ХIХ century, and which are permanently stored in the funds of the Suvorov Museum. The Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Geneva, Alexander Golovin, Mayor of Lugano, Marco Boradori, Senator Filippo Lombardi, and Suvorov Museum Director Vladimir Gronsky gave speeches at the opening ceremony.

The festivities at the “Square of the Suvorovtsev” of the Moscow Military Music School highlighted the celebrations even further.
Photo by Valeriya Suyevalova